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As you might have guessed from our name, we have total solutions for commercial and residential waste. As well as a variety of skip sizes, we supply front load bins, wheelie bins and a sorting service. If one of these options doesn’t meet your needs, not to worry, we’ll build you the right solution.

Locally owned
and operated

100% locally owned and operated in Christchurch, we do free delivery to the city, urban and surrounding areas. We also deliver rurally. With over 15 years of local waste management experience we’re proud of our exceptional service and are passionate about what we do.
Doing right
by the environment
All waste is sorted through various transfer stations throughout Christchurch with paper, plastic, cardboard, metal and hard fill going to recognised recycling facilities. But we’re not stopping there. As innovators and problem solvers, it’s our nature to keep searching for ways to improve our methods of waste disposal and be as environmentally friendly as possible; like investigating the practicalities of hand sorting for recycling or investing in machinery that helps minimise what goes into landfill.
Efficient travel
We use GPS to calculate the most efficient routes and our Euro-5 fuel efficient trucks transport skips in ‘nests’ so multiple bins can be delivered at once; all in an effort to minimise travel time and fuel consumption, making for a smaller carbon footprint.
Green Star Build
We are fully compliant with Green Star Build requirements so a detailed certificate of landfill diversion can be issued. When requested we also provide fully documented audit trails for waste types, weights, volumes and transfer sites.
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