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General, green/garden waste, hard-fill, plaster board, glass, metal, plastic, recyclables, food and biodegradable waste – we accept all waste types. We also have specialist services for industry-specific waste.

Green NZ

Recycling is
a big deal
for us

We sort all waste through various transfer stations throughout Christchurch with paper, plastic, cardboard, metal, and hard fill going to recognised recycling facilities.


keeps our footprint light

From the way we sort waste to minimise what goes in landfill, to the efficient way we run our delivery fleet, we strive to operate as eco-friendly as possible; and we’re always looking for ways to improve.

Greenstar Build Compliant - Total Waste Solutions

Green Star

We are fully compliant with Green Star Build requirements so a detailed certificate of landfill diversion can be issued. When requested we also provide fully documented audit trails for waste types, weights, volumes and dump sites.

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Our team is passionate in delivering a total waste solution that best suits you.