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We are the waste provider for Christchurch’s hottest events including The South Island Wine and Food Festival, Electric Avenue and Coca-Cola Christmas in the Park. Planning an event can take months, but planning a waste management solution for your event shouldn’t take any time at all. As Christchurch’s Event Waste Sorting Specialists, we have specialist equipment and processes to maximise landfill diversion. Call us to discuss your event waste requirements with our dedicated events manager.

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As a Sustainability Partner and the preferred waste provider for Christchurch City Council events, we’re experts at handling the complexities around dealing with rubbish at semi-permanent sites. 

Because each event is unique, our pitch is planned around your event. We take into account the amount of rubbish expected and calculate not just the number of skips but the types of bins, the places you’ll need them and how the rubbish will be removed. Depending on the size of your event we may recommend setting up a ‘sorting yard’ where sorting can occur.

Fundraising Opportunities

As part of our commitment to the wider community, we offer on and off-site waste sorting to local charities and fundraising groups.

Rather than outsourcing sorting to labour companies, we present the opportunity for community groups and fundraisers to volunteer their labour in return for a grant payment.

If you’re a group interested in a team-based fundraising opportunity that allows you to attend some of Christchurch’s best events and also make a difference to the environment, feel free to get in touch.

Event Sustainability

We’re proud to help Christchurch City Council deliver the Composting Food Packaging at Events (CFPE) initiative, at Council events this Summer, as their Sustainability Partner.

This initiative involves diverting waste away from landfill, by working with food vendors to move to using compostable food packaging. Our fundraising groups then hand sort waste into the various streams, sending a large portion of this waste to Living Earth, to then be made into organic compost.

We think CFPE has the potential to make Christchurch the cleanest, greenest event city in New Zealand and we couldn’t be happier to be on board for the ride.

If you’re an event organiser and are interested in having your event participate in the CFPE initiative, then please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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