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    How much are skips to hire?

    Skip hire charges vary depending on the size  skip you need, and the  and the type of rubbish you are removing.

    For more specific information including an instant price summary, try our online ordering calculator.

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    What skip size do I need?

    We can deliver our 8.0m³ skip with the 5.5m³ level marked inside, and you only pay for the level you fill to. A great cost saver if you have more rubbish than you thought.

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    What can I put in a Total Waste Solutions skip?

    You can put hard fill, green, or general waste into our skips, and we can remove combination loads.

    Hard fill includes : bricks, concrete, soil, sand, shingle and tiles

    General waste: Household rubbish and commercial waste, and can include garden waste and a small amount of hard fill. However, asbestos and other hazardous materials cannot be added.

    Green waste: Garden,Food and tree cuttings, fresh grass. (No flax or flax type leaves, cabbage tree leaves, tree stumps, toi toi, soil, sand and wet compost all need to go into general waste.)

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    How do I order a Total Waste Solutions skip?

    You can give us a call on 03 385 6972, email us at info@totalwastesolution.co.nz, or book instantly online.

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    Where will the skip be placed?

    Total Waste Solutions will place the skip in a convenient position for you, so as to make filling as straight forward as possible.

    Our skip truck is 2.5m wide so if you need the skip placed right up a long driveway, be aware of the width of your gate and driveway.

    If a skip is required to be placed in your front yard, this can often be achieved easily. There are two ways this can be done; either the skip can be lifted over the front fence if it is low, or the truck can reverse into the driveway and turn in so the skip can be lowered in the yard. The second option requires there to be adequate turning room.

    Please note that the truck with its lifting arms extended occupies at least 2 car lengths so if you are placing it in a street with cars parked, please keep in mind the need to secure sufficient space for the placement to occur.


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    What is the minimum skip hire period?

    The minimum hire period for all skips is from 1 to 10 days. Additional days are charged at $10 per day.

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    What area does Total Waste Solutions service?

    Total Waste Solutions is based in Christchurch and is 100% Canterbury owned and operated. We deliver to Christchurch city, urban and surrounding areas. If you’re located rurally, contact the office to discuss options.

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    What happens to the waste?

    Total Waste Solutions are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint and disposing of the waste we receive as responsibly as possible. All waste is given to Eco Central Depots, where it’s sorted and recycled if possible.

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    What about commercial waste?

    Total Waste recommends source sorting as a best practice to prevent contaminated waste, otherwise we send our commercial waste such as construction & demolition waste to WasteCo’s Sort Centre, the only facility of its kind in the South Island to divert waste from landfill.

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    What size skip is best for different jobs?

    From our experience we have found that the sizes often required for typical jobs are as follows:

    • Bathroom renovation – 5.5m³ to 8.0m³
    • Kitchen renovation – 5.5m³ to 8.0m³
    • Moving house (large cleanup) – 5.5m³ to 15m³
    • Moving house (small cleanup) – 5.5m³ to 8m³
    • Deceased estate – 8.0m³ to 30m³

    These estimates are a guide only.

    If you are in doubt, it is often cheaper to err on the larger side as this limits the risk of needing a second skip.

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    What happens if passerby’s overload the skip or put prohibited materials in it?

    You as the customer are in possession of the skip and are responsible for what goes in it. Unfortunately, you are responsible for any costs arising if anyone puts something in the skip that is not allowed or overloads it. The problem would only eventuate if the skip needed to be placed on the roadside. A lid or cover would prevent this.

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    What happens if the skip is picked up and it wasn’t full yet?

    When you hire a skip, you specify the collection date and it will be collected on that date unless you subsequently request otherwise. If a driver finds a skip substantially empty, they will make attempts to have the customer contacted, but ultimately will have the discretion to remove the skip. If the driver is turned away on arrival, the customer will be responsible for payment of any call out fee incurred for the additional trip.

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