Safety Netting
Total Waste Solutions has a partnership with Levitate for Quality Safety Net Solutions.

They are available to hire for building sites in Christchurch, as well as throughout Canterbury.

Please contact us for pricing and information.

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Construction Netting – Ensuring you workforce gets home safely.

Timing is the essence of a successful construction site. We are well aware of the need for on-site systems that allow for all aspects of a job to continue according to the scheduled construction programme.

Working at heights requires safety considerations and the construction netting, fall protection systems supplied and installed by Levitate, provide peace of mind for not only your Site Manager but a feeling of security for the staff in and around them.

Once the construction netting is safely installed, work underneath can continue on unimpeded as the work above continues to progress safely.

Principles of safety net design

Safety nets are designed to progressively deflect (stretch) and absorb the energy of a fall, so a falling person is less likely to be injured. The greater the fall height, the greater the impact; so the safety net’s deflection must also be greater. The safety netting must be able to deform or deflect enough to absorb all of the energy from the fall’s impact up to the maximum fall height for the design. There must be enough clear distance below the safety netting so that the person falling does not hit an obstacle or the ground while the net is deflecting.

  • ‍Safety nets installed below a high level work area reduce the distance a person can fall.
  • Safety nets are designed to deflect and absorb the energy of a fall so they reduce the likelihood of a person being injured. There must be enough clear space below the net so that as the net deflects, the person who has fallen does not strike an obstacle or the ground.
  • Safety nets allow people to work at height without restricting their movement.