Quick Skips for all your waste needs at home

Depending on your needs we have a wide range of quick skips available. Whether it's a home renovation or a simple spring clean we can easily cater to your requirements.


What size skip do
you need?


​​Suitable for renovations, garden waste and general rubbish. Mixed loads are accepted in this skip but please be aware, excessive hard fill in this skip could result in it being more expensive than hiring a separate hard fill only skip.


​​Not sure what size you need? Order a 5.5m3 quick skip and we will deliver an 8m3 skip. That way, if you have more rubbish than you estimated, you have the option to fill to the 8m3 level and pay the extra, rather than paying for another skip with extra delivery cost.


​​Hard fill only (eg. concrete, bricks, stone, sand, and soil). This skip has low sides for easy loading using a wheelbarrow.


Suitable for small jobs. This skip is suitable for hard fill, general rubbish or green waste

Standard hire is up to 10 days – Longer hire periods can be negotiated at $10 per day


organic waste

Waste types

Hard fill only

Bricks, concrete, soil, sand, tiles, shingle. (Clean only) 

Green waste only

Garden waste, food scraps, tree cuttings, fresh grass. (NO cabbage trees, flax leaves, tree stumps, toi toi, soil, sand, wet compost or general rubbish; please hire a general waste skip.)

General waste

Household rubbish and commercial waste. Can be a mixed load of rubbish, garden waste and hard fill. Car tyres and rims are accepted for an extra charge. (NO asbestos or other hazardous waste.)

Tyres and rims

These must be placed on top of the skip. A charge per item applies.

"Their service is punctual and is able to fulfil our requirements on a when required basis… you can rely on Quick Skips (now Total Waste Solutions) to literally get you out of a 'situation'. This they have proved on several occasions. Maintaining clients seems to be very important to them.”

Rei Simon - Simon Developments