Wide range of skip bins available, whatever your needs

Depending on your needs we have a wide range of quick skips available. Whether it's a home renovation or a simple spring clean we can easily cater to your requirements.

What do you need a skip for?

Garden waste

Garden Waste

Suitable for green waste which includes garden waste, food scraps, tree cuttings and fresh grass.

For any cabbage trees, flax leaves, tree stumps, toi toi, soil, sand, wet compost or general rubbish; please hire a general waste skip.

Available in

8.0m³ 5.5m³
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General Waste

Household or commercial waste. Can be a mixed load of rubbish, green waste and hard fill. Car tyres and rims are accepted for an extra charge.

No asbestos or other hazardous waste. Please note, tyres and rims must be placed on top of the skip.

Available in

5.5m³ 8.0m³ 3.5m³
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Hardfill waste

Hardfill Waste

Bricks, concrete, soil, sand, tiles, shingle (clean only).

Available in

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Chemical Waste v2

Hazardous Waste

For any hazardous waste, including asbestos, chemicals, fuels or oil, contact us so we can safely take care of them.
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What size do you need?

comparison image
8.0 m³
33 wheelie bins
8 standard trailers
33 wheelie bins or 8 standard trailers
5.5 m³
23 wheelie bins
5.5 standard trailers
23 wheelie bins or 5.5 standard trailers
3.5 m³
14 wheelie bins
3.5 standard trailers
14 wheelie bins or 3.5 standard trailers

“Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your accounting system each & every month. I have bundles of paper each month and your A/C is always timely, correct and easy to reconcile. It’s always a pleasure to get to Quick Skips (now Total Waste Solutions) in my filing system and just know yours will be right.”