With so much else to do on a day-to-day basis, we understand waste removal is often the last thing on your mind in a daycare environment. Let us take care of your specific requirements so that you can focus on what's important.


Nappy Collection

We offer specific purple lidded, 240L nappy collection bins. Nappy collection is an area of our business we are in the process of expanding, in order to provide you the best daycare waste removal service possible.

We'll have more information on nappy collection and disposal services shortly, in the meantime, give us a call if you have any specific requirements.

Daycare v2

More Than Just Nappies

We can meet all your waste removal requirements, as we know daycare waste consists of more than than just nappies. We offer organic, recycling and general waste collection using wheelie bins, front loading bins and even skips, depending on your requirements.


“Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your accounting system each & every month. I have bundles of paper each month and your A/C is always timely, correct and easy to reconcile. It’s always a pleasure to get to Quick Skips (now Total Waste Solutions) in my filing system and just know yours will be right.”

Michelle Stanicich - Fowler Homes Ltd